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Cold Storages

We also undertake construction and repairs of walk-in cold rooms & warehouse cold stores. Chillers and freezers are designed to fit standard shipping containers and can be setup easily. These are available in a wide range of cold store requirements with temperature ranging from +20°C down to -20°C. The refrigeration system is designed in such way that they require minimal maintenance and durable over long run. The insulated panels are available in various options i.e. standard cold room panels for general controlled inventory to low rib, hygienic systems with coved flashing for easy cleaning for laboratories, pharmaceuticals, medical labs etc.

Walk-in Chillers & Freezers are available in different designs to suit the customer’s needs from a stand – alone chiller system for dairy, fruits and vegetables to a freezer system for fish, meat or ice storage. Also offered are the cost effective dual chillers/freezer systems, which offer a single split system for both chiller and freeze requirements that are more commonly used by restaurants and supermarkets.

Cold room walls, ceilings and floors are assembled by joining together insulated panels in required lengths. The panels are tightly joined by the slip joint system for good structural stability.

Slip joint is a unique, interlocking, tongue-and-groove joint technology which has been adopted across the world and provides unsurpassed sealing and waterproofing. It is a well-organized sandwich panel system which utilizes a male female action on the longitudinal joint to achieve superior tightness and insulation. Panels slip into place allowing for easy and rapid installation, whilst improving structural strength and thermal efficiency and also offering a clean, smooth aesthetic look.

Insulated panels are joined together in required lengths to assemble length to cold room walls, ceilings and floor. The panels are then tightly joined by a tongue and groove system into a monolithic assembly. For joining the panel’s together camlocks with steel hooks are used to securely lock them together. The camlocks are mounded and permanently anchored in the injected rigid polyurethane foam core during the manufacture of the sandwich panel. The use of camlocks in connecting the panels makes cold room’s easily expandable as well as dismountable thus allowing easy reassembly at various locations.

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